Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting ready to welcome in the New Year

Think it is going to be a low key kind of day and night! I couldn't be happier about that. Getting geared up to start tackling my New Year's resolutions.

Easy to start January out with sending cards to family and friends for birthday's, there's only 1! LOVE IT!!!

Starting a 3mo Paleo challenge on the 4th (whew, get a few more days in to adjust to the thought), that will take care of the inside. Posting my beginning photo tomorrow...yikes!

REALLY have got to get going on my walk with the Lord, thinking that doing a devotional of one of the bible in a year plans may be the answer to what I'm looking for.

Have my calendar all ready to go for the new year! Already have my school schedule written in there along with my work schedule!

Think I'm ready to face 2011! Guess it doesn't really matter, it's coming whether I want it to or not, might as well be ready.

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